King Tides Are Here! Come Experience Them!

King Tides are happening again the weekend of February 8 & 9. That means super high and super low tides due to the full moon and being closer to the sun this time of year. The lowest tides are after sunset, but the highest tides are right around noon each day. Come join us on Stevens Creek Trail, a great place to witness them and contemplate how a rising sea level might affect our area.

Join board member, Ross Heitkamp on Sunday 2/9/2020 for a 3.2 mile, 2 hour walk along Stevens Creek Trail to view and photograph the highest tide. He will be at the Crittenden Ave. trail head at 10:50 AM and start walking out towards the bay at 11:00 AM. The walk out to the bay is on packed dirt and gravel and will be at a leisurely pace with time for pictures. This will be an informal event that you can do on your own, too. But if you meet Ross, he'll be happy to talk to you about the tide, Stevens Creek Trail, or hiking and biking in the area. You should be able to park here, around the perimeter of the circle at the end of Crittenden Lane. Then, just a minute walk to meet here, on Stevens Creek Trail, at the top of the ramp.

  • Saturday Feb. 8, 2020
    high time / height: 11:13 AM / 11.22 ft.
    low time / height: 7:19 PM / -1.22 ft.
  • Sunday Feb. 9, 2020
    high time / height: 12:02 PM / 11.25 ft.
    low time / height: 8:01 PM / -1.23 ft.

WARNING - If you plan to go to the coast to check out these high or low tides, be extremely careful. Monster big waves are in the forecast. Don't turn your back on the waves. Don't go out where it is wet - that means waves have been there recently. When waves are big, sneaker waves happen. Those are where the biggest waves may only happen every 15 minutes or even less frequently.

To learn more about King Tides, visit the California King Tides Project website . There you can look up how to share your pictures, find the time of your high tide at other locations (its over an hour earlier at the Golden Gate Bridge), or watch a video broadcast of King Tides from at home.