Stevens Creek Trail Virtual Tour
Crittenden Lane Access Point


Crittenden is the last outpost of civilization on the Trail between Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay. New buildings provide growth room for technology companies in this area of Mountain View, sometimes called North Bayshore. You can see the twin peaks of the Shoreline Amphitheater tent peeking over the hill on the right side of this picture.

Please note that dogs are not allowed on the Trail north of ths point.


From this area you can also view one of the earlier drivers of the San Francisco Bay Area's economic success, the aerospace industry. This picture shows Moffett Field Naval Air Station, which includes three large hangars originally built for dirigibles. On the right is a wind tunnel structure which is part of NASA's Ames Research Center, which has played a major role over the years in interplanetary space missions.

A long straight portion of the Trail links the Bay to Mountain View.