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By popular demand, we have assembled in one place as many different maps of the Stevens Creek area as we can find. This page is your index into those maps, with a brief description of each. Some are kept locally here on our server, but many come from other sites, so they may become unavailable over time.  If you should find a link/map not working, please let us know by sending an email to the webmaster.

Many of the older maps are now outdated and inferior to what is available with all of the satellite imagery available today on the internet from multiple sources. But, they are left up here for historical purposes - see what it was like before - though even that is available from some sources.

Map file name and link Description Size
Friends VTA Map Insert This is the Friends of Stevens Creek Trail's own map from 2016 used as an insert in the VTA Bikeways map that we sponsored the printing of. 1 MB
2016 Mountain View Trail Map or, in a different style for the 2012 Mountain View Trail Map. This is Mountain View's trail map showing the completed trail through 2012. They seem to move this around, so hopefully the link isn't broken. 975 kB
Cupertino Stevens Creek Trail Map This is a map of the Cupertino portion of the Stevens Creek Trail since the 2014 opening of the extension north to Stevens Creek Boulevard. 284 kB
Cupertino Stevens Creek Restoration brochure This is brochure from Cupertino with a map on page 2 showing the Cupertino section of the Stevens Creek Trail from 2007 showing their planned 2 phase creek restoration and trail. Phase 2 is expected to open in 2014, though optimistically shown to be opening in 2011. 2.4 MB

Mountain View Trail Virtual Tour
Originally developed by Stevens Creek Trail enthusiast, Davis Fields, in 2001, the Virtual Tour remains a popular way to get familiar with the trail. It is listed here, under maps, because you can click on the Mountain View map to jump to a locaion in the tour N/A
Highway 101 Underpass Detour A user supplied this markup showing 2 ways to get around the Hwy 101 underpass on the rare occasions when it is closed due to flooding. The deep-blue colored route is probably the easiest to follow, but the Shoreline overpass of 101 is a very busy and rather scary route. The red-line is a bit trickier to follow, but should be more pleasant, though it takes you farther out into Shoreline Business Park, to Crittenden Road before you can cross over the creek. 350kB
MV_SCT_Map2004.pdf This is a rather nice PDF version of the Mountain View map for the existing Stevens Creek Trail. Or, visit them to be sure you get the latest version as a PDF. 1.92 MB
MV_Plan_SCT_Highlighted.pdf This is a map from the City of Mountain View that shows the full planned length of the trail in Mountain View, from Mountain View High School to the Bay Trail in Shoreline Park. This version has some features highlighted. 5.9 MB
MV_Plan_Yuba-MVHS.pdf This is another map from the city of Mountain View. It shows more detail on the unbuilt sections as of May 2008. These are all parts of Reach 4, Segment 2. One is already completed - from Yuba Drive to El Camino Real. The next continues to Sleeper Avenue. Then, the trail will cross over Hwy 85 to the corner of Dale and Heatherstone. Finally, the trail heads further south and crosses Hwy 85 again to end at Mountain View High School. 4.3 MB
MV_Plan_ECR-Sleeper-Dale-Heatherston.pdf This is a third map from the City of Mountain View. This shows a detailed aerial view of the two planned phases from El Camino Real to Sleeper Avenue and then to Dale/Heatherstone. 4.9 MB
SCTMap.gif An older and low resolution version of the Mountain View map. 221 kB
MTV_SCT_Color2004_S10.png Here is a fairly small image created from many of the color tiles covering Stevens Creek from the bay south to the Permanente Overflow Channel, as far as the color tiles go. It is much lower resolution than available. 3.36 MB
SC_Map_Color_05m_at280_MSlive.html This is an aerial photo showing the area around where Stevens Creek crosses under Hwy 280. On the north is Homestead ave, Los Altos is on the left/west and Sunnyvale is on the right/east, though it might be Cupertino in the middle. South of 280 is Cupertino and at the bottom is Stevens Creek Blvd. The picture is at 0.5 meters per pixel resolution and is made up of 144 tiles in an 18x8 arrangement.
Click here for a google map of the area
18x8 tiles
Aerial_SCT_Dale-FremontAve.html This shows the land at the southern end of Mountain View's planned trail, including their recently annexed land that continues further south, almost all the way to Fremont Avenue.
11 tiles wide
35 tiles high
Build-A-Map Script - Map Builder This is a form for generating a custom map using the Terraserver. It does what many of the above files do, but dynamically, to build a table of tiles with the range you want.
Some locations are provided to ease the burden of entering the parameters. This is probably the best way to get a page that is just the picture that you can then transfer into Photoshop.
Some of the sources of images are no longer available - like the TerraServer - but the MSlive site still seems to work.
Small, but what you generate might not be.