Stevens Creek Trail Virtual Tour
Reach 4 Segment 2


NOTE: This page is largely historical from 2003 when this segment was in the approval process, though it has been partially updated over the years

Stevens Creek Trail has been designed and built in segments or "reaches." Reaches 1, 2 and 3 are already open to the public and are shown in the rest of this Tour. Reach 4 Segment 1 opened in 2002 and extended the Trail from its earlier southern end at Landels School to Yuba Drive.

Reach 4 Segment 2 will extend the Trail much further south, from Yuba Drive past El Camino Real to Mountain View High School, on the Mountain View-Los Altos border. It has been broken into 3 phases of construction to allow logical segements to be built and opened as money becomes available. Phase 1, opened in April 2008, extended the trail from Yuba Drive south to and under El Camino Real. Phase 2, opened in June 2009, extended the trail further south to Sleeper Avenue.

Much of the Reach 4 Segment 2 path is flat open space, facilitating design and construction. But Reach 2 will also cross busy El Camino Real (going over, across or under the street) and will include two overcrossings of Highway 85. See a January 2003 press account of issues involved in the construction of Reach 4 Segment 2.

In June 2004, the Mountain View City Council accepted the Environmental Impact Report for this project, and approved the project. Read the Mountain View Voice article. Although the design phase and funding are not yet in place, and there's no schedule for construction, this was an important milestone on the way to extending the Trail!


This map is sideways so that North is at the top. It shows the approximate proposed path of Reach 4 Segment 2, including alternate alignments and some of the possible neighborhood access points.