Stevens Creek Trail Virtual Tour
Reach 4 Segment 1


NOTE: This page is largely historical from 2003 when this segment was in the approval process, though it has been partially updated over the years

Reach 4 Segment 1 is the newest part of Stevens Creek Trail. It opened in 2002. This map shows the approximate path of Reach 4 Segment 1. The earlier southern end of the Trail at Dana Street and Landels School is shown at the top of this map, and the new trailhead at Yuba Drive is at the bottom. North is at the top on this map.


This map is sideways so that North is at the top.

From Yuba Drive, a proposed extension to Stevens Creek Trail could eventually extend south past El Camino Real to Mountain View High School on the Mountain View-Los Altos border. See Reach 4 Segment 2 for more information.