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The Friends of Stevens Creek Trail promotes
community pride and involvement in the
completion, enhancement, and enjoyment of the
Stevens Creek and Permanente Creek Trails and Wildlife Corridors.

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Attention: Improved Detour opened 8 June 2017!

Great news! The section of Stevens Creek Trail between Yuba Drive south to El Camino Real that has been closed due to severe creek bank erosion has been re-opened in nearly its original configuration with a very short detour through the adjacent hotel property. We ask everyone to proceed slowly and with caution through this section as it is narrower and twistier than usual, as it had to snake between several large redwood trees.

In 2011, a similar bank collapse occurred near Sahara Village Mobile Home park, just south of El Camino Real. Watch slideshow of how that was repaired

For the latest updates from the city, check their website at or call them at (650) 903-6392.
Mountain View Voice article 2017-01-16
Watch slideshow of pictures of the erosion or, jump to the latest pictures,

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Sunday 24 September 2017

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