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Friends of Stevens Creek Trail Events

The Friends are not only dedicated to spreading the word about the Trail but also making it fun and educational for local people, as well as beneficial to our environment.

This is a selection of some of the events we have run, highlighting the regular and best-loved opportunities that you can participate in.

Get Involved

Head to our Volunteering page to find out how you can become more involved in activities on and around the Trail.

If you don't have time to give, Donations are always appreciated. If you have any questions, try our FAQ or Contact Us.

Trailblazer race

Head to our main race page to learn more about our annual race; how you can join in, volunteer to help, what prizes can be won and more!

California Coastal Cleanup

This year, California Coastal Cleanup will be every Saturday in September!

Due to COVID-19, Valley Water, the City of Mountain View, and the Friends of Stevens Creek Trail will not hold our traditional large-scale cleanup event that might be a health risk. However, our trail and surrounding areas could still use some tidying up. As usual, we've joined up with Valley Water to promote this Coastal Clean-Up event. To help separate people in time, in addition to social distancing, you can choose from any of the four Saturdays in September to do your own cleanup with other household members.

All the information you should need is available from the Creek Connections Group - Clean-a-creek website with a short summary below.

  • You can sign up through Eventbrite to help recognize your work.
    In your signup, under the "How did you hear...", please mark "Other" and enter "Friends of Stevens Creek Trail".
  • Get the CleanSwell App before heading out, allow location services. Use the group name "CCAG". This will let you log data about your cleanup. Or you can download a data card here to print and fill out then send a scan or photo back to Valley Water.
  • Please print and sign a Volunteer Agreement if you will be picking up supplies from Valley Water or would like to allow them to use any photos you submit. A picture or scan of the form can be emailed back to them or turned in when picking up.
  • Prepare for the day with trash bags or reusable buckets, work gloves, litter grabbers, water, and sturdy shoes.
  • Review the safety and social distancing cleanup guidelines. Wear face masks and gloves and practice social distancing.
  • If you need help finding a spot to clean, please contact Valley Water or the Friends or just set out with your equipment for a nice walk on the trail and surrounding areas and go where the trash takes you.

Stevens Creek Trail Cleanup

This annual volunteer event is held so that you can join us to:

Stevens Creek Trail Clean-up aims: promoting community pride and involvement in the completion, enhancement, and enjoyment of the Stevens Creek Trail and Wildlife Corridor.


Sign up:

Due to the pandemic this year's cleanup has been indefinitely postponed.

Help us at Community Festivals

Throughout the summer months, cities along the creek have Art and Wine and other festivals. Attending these is one of our favorite ways to get out introduce people to the trail and share with the community information about what is going on with it. We love having volunteers join our board members! And the volunteers get to learn lots of cool stuff, too.

Habitat Restoration

We have sponsored Habitat Restoration days with our partner, Grassroots Ecology, for several years now by our office at McClellan Ranch Preserve in Cupertino. Volunteers at these work days might lay down cardboard and mulch to eliminate invasive weeds growing in a section of the field. Or they might target specific weeds like Milk Thistle or Vinca to pull out. Or they might be planting new native plants that have been grown from seeds and cuttings taken right from the Stevens Creek riparian corridor and cultivated by Grassroots Ecology.