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  • How often is it patrolled? Is the trail patrolled by the police? How often?

    The trail is patrolled periodically during daylight hours by park rangers. It is generally not patrolled by police officers.

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  • What is being done about the bmx courses?

    Under investigation.

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  • Is it okay to park at Landel's School?

    Yes, parking while you use Stevens Creek Trail is allowed at Landel's School.

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  • Are skateboards allowed on the trail? Are dogs allowed? Motorized scooters?

    Check with the City of Mountain View for the rules of the trail.

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  • Can you be on the trail at night?

    No. The Stevens Creek Trail is only open during daylight hours.

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  • Are horses allowed on trail and in the hills?

    Not in Mountain View. Try Rancho San Antonio, in Cupertino. The Stevens Creek Trail is planned to have a section running through this park which could improve equestrian access to the park.

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