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  • Are you having the Trailblazer Race this year? When? How do I sign up?

    Yes! 2007 will be our 13th year of the Trailblazer Race, and it just keeps getting better!

    It is held on the last Sunday in September, which is the 30th September 2007 this year. On race day, registration begins at 7:00 a.m. and the race starts at 8:30 a.m.

    To signup/register, visit the Trailblazer Race web pages and choose either mail-in and on-line registration.

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  • Where do I find out more about the Trailblazer Race?

    We have a whole section of the website just for the Trailblazer Race! Visit the Trailblazer Race web pages now!

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  • The Trailblazer Race sounds like a great bit of fun, but I am not a runner - though my friend is. How can I participate?

    The Trailblazer Race is really made up of 4 events: a 10k race, a 5k race, a 5k trail walk and free children's races. So there is a way for everyone to participate at a level they are comfortable.

    We also welcome volunteers to help us put on the race doing setup, trail marking, registration, food prep and dispensing, working water stations, cleanup, and take down.

    Find out more on the Trailblazer Race pages

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  • Can I take my baby jog stroller in the Trailblazer Race? How about the Trail Walk?

    Yes, we have had participants with jog strollers in just about every race to date. Because of reduced manueverability and space required, you may have to lag to the back at the starting line to avoid creating a hazard to the other racers, but we are sure you understand.

    The 5k Trail Walk is also a great way to get kids out, in strollers or on their own feet!

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  • Can my dog go on the Trailblazer Race? How about the Trail Walk?

    Unfortunately, the Trailblazer Race has a portion of the trail within the Shoreline Park nature preserve, where dogs are not allowed.

    Fortunately, your dog can go with you on the 5k Trail Walk, since that heads the other direction on Stevens Creek Trail, south towards downtown Mountain View.

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  • How many years have you been having the Trailblazer Race?

    2007 marks our 13th race! The first was held in 1994, so your math might tell you that this should be our 14th, right? Well, 2001 was a bad year for most everyone here in the valley and we were no exception. When our lead race sponsor dropped their support in April of 2001, there was no time, and little luck, of finding a replacement, so we were forced to cancel the race for that year.

    We were very fortunate to have found Microsoft as our new Presenting Sponsor and a great partner for putting on the race. They are located right on the Stevens Creek Trail and we laid out a whole new race course based upon holding the event on their campus. In 2003, we even got the course United States Track and Field certified for both 5 kilometer and 10 kilometer races.

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