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  • Do you have a map or other trails around here?
    What are the websites of the other trails around here?
    What is happening with the bay trail past Moffett Field?

    We have a limited amount of information about other trails. Most of what we have is on our website under the "Links" area .

    Mid Peninsula Regional Open Space has the most extensive trail network around us, mostly up in the hills.

    The Bay Trail connects to the Stevens Creek Trail down in Shoreline Park from the north/west and should one day also run to the east and south past Moffett Field into Sunnyvale.

    The Hetch Hetchy trail is now open and extends from near Whisman School to connect across to Ellis St and the adjoining neighborhoods.

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  • What is that trail off Highway 17?
    Where is Los Gatos Creek Trail?
    What's that trail near Vasona Lake?

    The Los Gatos Creek Trail runs from Vasona Lake in Los Gatos along Los Gatos Creek, down past Campbell Ave to about Leigh Ave in San Jose.

    If you like the Stevens Creek Trail and are in the Los Gatos area, be sure to check it out sometime.

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